Dear non-disabled people, your New Year’s resolutions

Dear non-disabled people, 2022 is upon us, and it’s time for arbitrary resolutions. We all know no one ever keeps New Year’s resolutions, so, here are some more for you also not to keep. Non-disabled people, you haven’t kept these up ‘til now; please don’t fail my expectations this year. A list of New Year’s resolutions curated just for you, non-disabled people. All… Continue reading Dear non-disabled people, your New Year’s resolutions


I wake this morning, head fuzzy from sleep. Rolling out of bed, I trudge towards the kitchen. Before getting the kids up and going, I glance at my phone. Notification after notification clenches my stomach until it’s a tight ball. I can’t read any of these articles. I swipe to clear and slam my phone down.… Continue reading Stripped

Accessibility and Digital Devices

We are well into the digital age. We all encounter technology on a daily basis. Entertainment to shopping to business use technology in some capacity. As consumers, it’s important technology can be accessed by all. Digital devices such as check-out pads from ATMs to restaurant menus to airport check-in are popular. These devices often make… Continue reading Accessibility and Digital Devices