I’m back but overwhelmed

I have not posted in weeks. Every Wednesday, I receive a WordPress notification, reminding me it’s time to blog. Every week, I’m determined to post something. But I’m so stressed, so overwhelmed, it’s difficult to unjumble the thoughts in my head. In the last several weeks, so much life has happened, personally and in the… Continue reading I’m back but overwhelmed


My eyes snap open. My nine-year-old starts his day asking Alexa how to build Lego structures. “MOM, I NEED TO EAT.” My four-year-old shouts. My head sinks into my pillow. I sigh,  a deep billow released. The day trudges on like the one before and the one before and the one before. I’m a statue at the kitchen sink, water streaming out the faucet. Sun… Continue reading Motherhood

Give a cheer for all the broken

**TW/CW: Discussion of depression, bullying, suicidal ideation/suicide *Originally published in 13th Floor, spring 2014 Hold on. And you don’t know what you’re waiting for, but you don’t want to know more. Hold on. From Hold On by Good Charlotte Slipping into the forgotten, hearing only the silence, too many seek the solace of whispered graves.… Continue reading Give a cheer for all the broken