What. The. F!

What she sees: She glides down the sidewalk, heels clacking. She’s always enjoyed the clipped sound of heels striking the pavement. Oh, what’s even better, heels on marble. Clip-clack, clip-clack. It’s a sound she associates with confidence. Her pink tote bag swings from her shoulder. Pink is not very feministy of her, but damnit, she’s… Continue reading What. The. F!

Disability is not Sexy

Disability is not Sexy Perhaps we are exhausted, bored, stifled by months of little to no interaction with people. But this summer seems to have brought an air of change. People seem more inclined to listen and acknowledge that inequality and injustice exist for millions of Americans. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and countless… Continue reading Disability is not Sexy