My emotions are shoved in a closet; a collage of shimmering colors ranging from white and pastel pink to deep blue, scarlet and onyx. Crammed in so tight, when the door opens, it all remains intact. Every now-and-then, I take an emotion out and handle it; feel the weight of it; roll it around in my hands, determining its depth. Every now-and-then I cry. Then I tuck it back in the closet and close the door.

LitMommy is a space created to make sense of this world. As I evolve and determine what my identity is and how all the parts of me interlock to make a single individual, I use words to explore.

I’m lyrical but blunt. I’m vulnerable but opinionated. This blogs slants towards disability, but if it’s on my mind, I’m sharing it. Language has power; art has power. I hope to craft writing that moves, inspires and is comtemplative.

If you want rants about ableism and the patriarchy, you’ll find it here. If you want raw emotion from a 40-something mom, this will be a definite thread. If you want a discourse on disability, parenting, feminism and identity, I’m your gal. I hope you enjoy my offerings and join in the conversation.

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