A lyric response to time travel #bloganuary

I stare into the mirror. But really, I’m staring into the dark, swirling TV fuzz that is now my vision. I feel weighed down by this body, by life, by time.

Twenty years veered into the future. My present a daily reminder of each path whizzed by.

Disabled, wife, writer, mother- nothing bad, but a very different present than what I dreamed. Identities beyond my scope two decades ago.

I dreamed a dream once upon a time. Wooden planks beneath my feet, circling en pointe. Melodies ascending, floating from my mouth. Lights flaring, embracing my limber frame.

My neon brain flickers on and off, images etched in the effervescent glow.

I stand still, still staring into the mirror. Tears fall like pearls down my face.

My body rooted, unsure how this happened. Unsure how this life lost its glitter.

Unsure when potential stopped. Unsure when vivid, Technicolor dreams were replaced by hazy shadows.

Eyes closed, I take deep breaths.

I fall.

I open my eyes and stare wide-eyed into her face.

Youthful face.

Energetic face.

Face unencumbered by twenty years.

Blue-green eyes sparkling, envisioning her future.

I step into her existence and soar.

By Imperfection

Bridgit Kuenning-Pollpeter is a mom and writer from Omaha, Nebraska but recently relocated to Urbandale, IA. When she’s not chasing children, picking up messes or reorganizing the house, she enjoys yoga or reading to relax. In her spare time (A.K.A. her dreams) she’s a Broadway star. Kuenning-Pollpeter is a freelance marketer during the day, a creative writer at night. Her work has appeared in the Brevity blog, The Omaha World Herald, 13th Floor, Misbehaving Nebraskans, Hippocampus, Emerging Nebraska Writers and Random Sample Review. She has her BFA and MFA in writing from the University of Nebraska Omaha. Her essay “The Body” was a McKenna Fellowship finalist, and her essay “Imperfection” was a 2020 Best of the Net Nominee. She is blind and writes frequently about disability. She’s working on a memoir about the disabled feminine experience. With the kids though, expect it in stores in about a decade.

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